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Monday, April 18, 2011

A great weekend and some great recipes

We had a really nice weekend. After the rain subsided it was pretty nice all weekend. So we spent the majority of it outside.

We grilled out all weekend and last night my hubby made a fantastic feast of grilled chicken and steak, while I made the sides. I tried out a new recipe for some oven roasted carrots. They turned out fantastic.

Start with some fresh carrots. It's best if you can get them with the greens still attached, but any will do.Peel your carrots. Next, chop the carrots into somewhat large chunks
Sprinkle Carrots with minced or fresh garlic, a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon or so of honey, salt, pepper and a tsp of cumin. Now add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

You will not have any leftovers I promise!!

Also I made a Pineapple Angel Fluff Cake, it's perfect for spring and summer hot days.

This is fairly simple.

Buy an Angel food cake and cut in half.
Mix 1 package instant vanilla pudding (just the powder) with 1 can (20oz) crushed pineapple.
Now add in 1 cup Cool whip and mix well.
Ice both layers of cake and any additional icing place down the middle of the cake.
Cool in fridge for an hour and serve with fresh berries. Store any leftovers in fridge as well.

Yummy!! It's fantastic!

And just for fun here's a super cute picture of my boys practicing soccer.... Jaxon wants to be like daddy so since he was a soccer player he wants to be one too.

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  1. looks like a delightful weekend!! i've never tried oven roasted carrots ... i might have to!

  2. Christi, They are fantastic and super easy! My 3 year old at 3 helpings!

  3. i am soo making those carrots...

  4. Jami you should definatly try them they are UH-mazing!
    Just wait till my next recipe... You may love it too!